Monday, 16 January 2017

December 2016

After making good progress with the Dragon Princes during my lunches I decided to bring them all home with the aim of getting some work done on them during the two weeks I'd got booked off over Christmas and New Year.

Of course, with all the time needing to be spent getting the lounge cleared up for Christmas day, plus doing my part looking after the kids, and adding in several evenings when I got nothing done due to being half asleep due to baby-induced sleep deprivation, the closest I actually got to hobby was moving my tray of in progress stuff from the lounge into the back bedroom out of the way.

Actually, I tell a lie. I did also attempt to make a start on converting some of my broken spearmen into command models, only to spend about 15 minutes going through my boxes until I realised the models in question were actually in the shed, and I was damned if I was going to trek out to the shed at night in freezing temperatures to dig them out.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

November 2016

Well I said it last time round but then realised after posting the August & September update just how many horses I'd got left that needed the basics doing, but this time I finally feel like I'm over the hump with my Dragon Prince horses.  

Having decided I'm going to stick with three colours for my horses I'm just about done on the grey horses.  Aside from the leather and cloth I just need to do a bit of touching up on the horseflesh from the other work that's been done before I need to start thinking about sticking on bodies and basing.  After that I think I'll just need to paint the banners to finish the unit, barring one shield which I've ordered this week.

Next up I should really see about getting one or two of my monsters progressed.  One of my dragons is in bits that should be easily transportable to work for painting so I plan to dig that out and bring it in once the DPs are finished.

After that, or in parallel if I can make the time at home, I'll need to get round to making up my command models for my archer and spearmen units.  If I can do that I can finally start selling off my metal models to generate some cash (although at the moment I'm not sure if I have the will to plough it back into a new army or additional units for this army).

Saturday, 8 October 2016

August & September 2016

It feels like I'm almost entering the last stretch with the Dragon Princes.

Barring a symbol or something to be painted on the two banners and assembling all the individually painted parts, I think I'm done with the torsos. That means I'm now onto the horses. I've already got about 10 or so whose flesh is painted to an acceptable standard, leaving 20 more to do the flesh on, followed by the armour and cloth.  I'm going to need to take a closer look at the horses I've already done the flesh on as although I know I've basecoated them I'm not sure how many have had the wash and highlight treatment.

From my progress this week and last I'm starting to think I could really do with a much wider brush for getting my basecoats on (especially as I'm still not sure about forking out for an airbrush without having any idea how much use I'd actually get out of it).  The main brush I'm using at the moment is a 4, or at least far as I can tell from what markings on the handle haven't rubbed off. Given how many large areas there are to apply paint to, I'm sure I'd be able to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to apply a base layer with a wider brush, even if I was going have to go back into some crevices with the 4 to make sure everything is covered.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what painting I can do at home that will help reduce the amount that needs doing at work.  Currently it's looking like  about the only thing I can do that won't lead to needing to be too careful is painting the base layer of horse armour and the rider's legs. As I managed to find a rare few minutes to do some painting at home this weekend I touched up the base coat of Ironbreaker on some of the horses that are in the queue for flesh painting and also started work on painting my Repeater Bolt Throwers, since as they're assembled they should be reasonably quick to paint. I say "reasonably quick" as I'd just glued them together without considering how I was going to be painting the bolts, which look like they're potentially going to be a pain on the two that have the six-bolt configuration.

So that I can cross the bolt throwers off my list of units that need to be built and finished I need to get on with building the crews.  As I'm kit bashing them one of the first priorities is making sure I've got the parts I need as I've a suspicion that I needed an extra arm or two but can't recall for definite.

When the bolt throwers are done I then need to find time when I'm at home to work on getting some of my other models built.  I should probably look at sorting out some of my monster and chariot kits first before shifting on to my units of White Lions that I'm currently using three of my cardboard storage boxes to house models in various state of clean up and construction, although my absolute priority should probably be converting up/kit bashing some command models for my archers and spearmen so I can start thinking about finally selling off my metal models, which I've been loathe to do until I've got plastic equivalents of everything I'm currently using (which is one of the reasons why I've been trying to sort the Dragon Princes out as they've been used quite often in any games I've had of over 2000 points)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

July 2016

As with the past few updates, what hobby I'm managing to get done has been continuing work on my Dragon Princes, specifically the shields. Having completed the first base coats around the time of my last update, I've since touched up where needed and applied washes.  I'm now painting the backs of the shields and lance shafts with my preferred colour for light wood for my High Elves.

Shield progress sample

Banner progress example
I also took a few minutes a couple of weeks ago to dig out the bulk of the unassembled and unpainted models I have to figure out just how many I've got before I can start looking at selling off anything.  As I'd got the paste table set up in the shed I spread the models out on there to photograph, which meant I could leave the acutal counting until later. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

June 2016

As I mentioned last time out, due to the arrival of daughter number two I hadn't managed to get any hobby done in May. I've been able to rectify that this month and carry on working on my Dragon Princes. I've done just about as much as I think I can now on the heads and torsos, barring a final highlight on the faces once I find the paint I normally use for that.

This week I've been working on the shields. I'd been unsure about how I was going to paint them but in the end decided to stick to using the blues I use for the army with silver and gold for the decoration. The photo below is of a selection of those that are work in progress. (Apologies for the slightly out of focus shot but I was in a hurry to tidy up)

Work in progress on the shields
I'm hoping to find time to do an inventory of the models I've got unbuilt at some point over the summer so I can try and figure out if I want to get rid of anything from my plastics to go along with the metals I plan to offload.  While last year I was harbouring plans of sorting out a second army, at the moment I'm not so sure I can drum up the enthusiasm to clean up,build and paint another army, especially considering how little gaming I've got done over the past year.  It might have to be a case of wait and see, although depending on how much I can get for the models I end up selling I might end up putting that money aside for more photography gear as I appear to have been bitten by the photography bug again.  (Yes, that's right, at a time when I've got even less money to spare than I had before, I've regained enthusiasm for my most expensive hobby)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

May 2016

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog but I've been a bit busy with the arrival of daughter number two.

With taking paternity leave I didn't get an awful lot of painting done in May.  Well, model painting at least. I spent the best part of two weeks painting what was the spare room, as the missus offered daughter number one the choice of staying in her current room or moving into the "spare" room. Needless to say, she decided to move and so the room had to be emptied out and then decorated.

To that end I've taken this:

Emptied it out to this:

And then painted it up like this:

(Apologies for the distortions in these images but i took them using the photosphere feature on my phone which doesn't cope so well when parts of the image are at close range)

After this last picture was taken I also installed a fold-up desk near the bed and brought in an Ikea bookcase for the wall where the clock is.

There's still some work I need to do later in the year - I want to completely strip and repaint the doors and the white wooded bit in the bottom left of the pictures (which is over the stairs) and some work still needs doing in the built in cupboard.

Hopefully sometime in June I can get back to painting miniatures

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

March/April 2016

This post is an amendment and continuation of the post I had planned to make in March - and then forgot to set live, so apologies if you were eagerly awaiting that update.

After a false start (ie. forgetting to take the parts to work with me that I was wanting to paint) I finally got back into lunchtime painting at work in March. Of course, it couldn't be completely simple. I realised as soon as I started painting the Dragon Prince heads that, for ease of handling, it would have made sense to have stuck them to the torsos first. I'd deliberately not stuck them on so that I'd have a smidgen more brush room when painting the faces but it's now looking like whatever time I would have saved will be lost through needing to paint both sides of the head separately, not to mention having to clean rather more paint off my fingers compared to normal.

Some of my work in progress
I also made a bit of a booboo by not doing the gold trim before applying Badab Black wash, which means I'm probably going to have to go over parts of the models with both Ironbreaker and more wash once I've got the gold layer on, adding more time to the process. (And I'll definitely have to go over one torso piece I managed to drop into the compartment of my pallet that had the paint in I was using at that time...) It didn't help that I didn't have the right gold paint, Retributor Armour, at work to start doing it so I went straight on to washes after finishing the Ironbreaker layer without thinking.  And this week, when I did finally get round to digging out my pot of Retributor Armour, I couldn't find my pot of Liberator Gold that I was sure I had and was using as the first highlight on the gold layer. At the time of writing I still haven't found this and I'm starting to wonder if I'd been using one of my older GW gold paints for the highlight or not. (Edit:- Have since found it.  I'd been looking for a pot with a clear top, since that's what all my other GW metal paints are in, whereas Liberator Gold is in a white top bottle)

Champion head work in progress
I've finally gotten round to looking at all my White Lions with a view to getting them cleaned up and undercoated.  As I'd bought around 20-30 off ebay there's more clean up work required than I would have liked as there's a fair few obvious mould lines that need sorting, plus the joins on the right shoulder pads are going to need work to remove the quite obvious gap (or at least eliminate the gaps enough that it's not going to bother me). Unfortunately, a number of the ones I'd bought had already been undercoated or part-undercoated.  On examination now it looks like some may have been an end of the can job given the comparative uneven-ness of the undercoat.  I had planned simply to strip the models using Simple Green as normal but while this worked on a handful of models,  those I'd got that were undercoated in white don't appear to have been affected by the Simple Green.  I've found this on a few models I tried to strip that I'd undercoated in Army Painter white spray primer and I'm wondering if there's something in the Army Painter sprays that Simple Green can't get through.  This means I'm going to have to be extra careful not to overdo the undercoat once I've got the models cleaned up and filled to a satisfactory level.

Torso work in progress
I've still not gotten round to properly assessing if I can use Dark Rider cloaks as a substitute for the Sisters of Avelorn/Shadow Warriors cloaks which I really must get around to doing, if only so I can get on with selling off the parts I don't need from the Dark Riders/Doomfire Warlocks kit I bought.  I've been on another minor spending spree, buying a load of Shadow Warrior legs, some cloaks and one more Dragon Prince shield that I need for that unit.